To Start a New Blog

I have to thank @anivus a.k.a. Craig Littlejohn for setting up this word press account for me.  It is much appreciated.  Right now I am trying to navigate this new process while fighting Gatsby for foot space on the couch.  It is amazing how a 35 lb. dog can take up so much space, on the other hand he does keep my feet quite warm.

Today has been a strange mixture of accomplishments and wasted time, from filling out the FAFSA form on line for the second time because it won’t accept my PIN (and still won’t) to watching an obscured indie flick called, “Tattoo: A Love Story.”  I have to say that it could have moved up to my favorites list.  If you haven’t seen it, and like love stories in the atypical manner, I would recommend it.

I promise that this first blog will be all over the place on topics.  So, lets move on.

I was checking my twitter a little while ago and for some reason I had chosen to follow Brittany Spears, so during her once a week update I am sure is supplied by her entourage she said, “Went shopping in Coral Gables, bought some purses and sunglasses!” – Britney.  Well I am happy for her, you can never have too many purses and sunglasses, (well you can really never have t0o many sunglasses) and that does sound like a full day.  Excuse me, I have to wipe the sarcasm off the keyboard.  I just had to take the chance to reply back to her.  I know she’ll never see it.  I thought I would suggest to her if she needed any more ideas to fill her days that she should follow @hardlynormal, maybe she will be useful at something else than being the face attached to the songs of America’s most creative writers.  ah well.

I smell the scent of fresh baked cake so I must be going.

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