A Brighter Side

Children in UgandaI really don’t want my blog to be a place that I spit and rant. Last nights entry was just something that stuck out to me.

On a brighter side I got to sit at the Compassion table to help students who were interested in sponsoring a child. It just seems strange how we are worrying about money here in America everyday yet we will spend thirty plus dollars a month on cable, or other extra media sources . I was this person and I don’t hold anything against any of you that are still getting cable. (Can I come over and watch No Reservations?) But even in my family’s life there was just a lot of money that is being spent needlessly. So we have canceled XM, turned off cable,canceled gym and tanning memberships, we gave up the garage that we paid extra to hold Junk at our apartment. We are even trying to cut back on eating out, which is an event for us and not always an easy way out for dinner.
But, looking at all those kids that that could use just a little love and a little donation on our part to impact there lives forever, it really made me see how $32 a month can really go a lot farther with my compassion child than it could in my own pocket. Elora and I just sponsored our first child named Dennis from Northern Uganda, where our heart is. Tonight we were able to walk College Students through the process of sponsoring children. Individuals, friends, and roommates came and dedicated themselves to sacrificing every month for their child. I remember college, I remember college at UMHB, I remember how the tuition rate went up every hour. So it can be a sacrifice for these students.

I think in all we had thirty four children that were sponsored to night by people that just want to spread the love. I think that is amazing. I wish I had that kind of initiative when I was in college. I would like to thank The Aaron Ivey Band for their act of worship, also for bring Compassion with them, and giving Elora and I the chance to work the table tonight.

As a bonus to the night, I got to hear good news tonight that a friend accepted Christ as their savior tonight, and as a first act of faith, hope and love choose to sponsor a child tonight. Now that is putting your life into action.

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