Barb, My Movie Sherpa

I come from a small town, which isn’t all bad. You get to know a lot of the people that work in the stores in your town, especially those that frequent. It was the same for me when I worked at Potts’ Hardware for four years in college. I got to know a lot of my customers that would come in four or five times a week. Over time these people would come to a level of trust that they would direct at me. You know that person you go to when you have a leak in your bathroom, and you go “fix it.”
Well I over the years I have spent a lot of time in video stores looking for entertainment, love, life stories, adventure, and laughter. The problem is from an early time in life I grew a fondness for the indie flicks and not all the block busters. I have an affinity for british comedy. I like Bollywood. Yeah I said it. I like Bollywood. Most of your video store employees, lets face it, are in High school. It’s like trying to find help at Lowes or Home Depot, most of the time you’re on your own.
Lucky there is one person, named Barb who is the store manager at our local video store. Over the last few years of visiting the store putting out feelers for that lone obscure story on film that called to me, she has been there learning who I am and what I like, which directors I admired, which screen writers told life stories. Barb has taken the time find out what makes me tick. I trust Barb in her movie recommendations. Can you say that about a lot of people?
Barb has taken the time to grow a relationship with me. This is a relationship I enjoy; I look forward to my trips the video store. No longer is it a rush to fight my way through the families. Now I make time to sit and talk. Talk about movies we both have seen and movies we haven’t. We discuss documentaries, we laugh at mockumentaries. We talk about our families and our lives.
Who would have ever thought that a relationship would have come out of a movie store? In a few weeks we are moving to Austin. What am I going to do with out my movie sherpa in our new town?
Better question: When was the last time we built a relationship out of the everyday people we run into?

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2 Responses to Barb, My Movie Sherpa

  1. Barb says:

    You are so sweet!! I will miss you coming in regularly, but you will have to make a trip every so often back home to Belton, right?

  2. Sandy Hicks says:

    I loved this blog….its weird how you can make a relationship with the most ordinary, unassuming people in your life…mailman, grocery clerk, grocery store manager, hair dresser,….movie sherpa. Good writing dear nephew.

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