The Zen of Fish pt. 1

A Few months ago Elora got me a new book that was not a cook book, but a food related book. This is good for me. I have been wrapped up reading recipes form every where I could get my hands on and I have lost the desire just to read for reading sake. This book? The Zen of Fish by Trevor Corson.

Granted it is a food related book, but it is a mix of sushi history and a memoir of a young girl who finds life in sushi, and direction in the art of Sushi. Considering I am half way through the book, I felt a little more confidence Going into Robert’s sushi class. Our goal was to teach a hands on class focusing on the forming of all the sushi rolls and nigiri. Explain the history, and teach proper Etiquette when you have a traditional Japanese chef. Needless to say we had to have everything prepared: fish cut, ingredients mis’ed out, rice cooked and seasoned. I had to roll all the fried fillings for the tiger eye roll. There is a lot for us to get ready before people get there.

We have to cut and sear the tuna.

The seared tuna gets plated as Tuna Texanese, it is a fusion of Mexican and Japanese. Hey, why Not! Sushi has always been an evolving cuisine.

And of course we have the pre rolled center for the tiger eye roll. Some smoked salmon, cream cheese and Julianne jalapeno rolled in nori, tempura battered and fried. Which later gets rolled in to a “fat roll”

The night went long helping people roll. I got busy and forgot to take more pictures, but that happens. By the time the night was over I think I had eaten close to a pound of Tuna, and left with several more, which I gave to my Taiwanese neighbor John. Over all it was a good night

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2 Responses to The Zen of Fish pt. 1

  1. i need to become your neighbor.

    won’t you be, won’t you be, won’t you be my neighbor?

  2. eloranicole says:

    …I’m going to be singing Mr. Rogers for the rest of the day.

    So glad John loves tuna – and you were able to fulfill your need/addiction to sushi. 🙂

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