This Too Shall Pass

It was early 2005 when OK Go first hit my radar. For most of you it was with YouTube’s release of Here it goes again but for me it was A Million Ways. Both of them are great song and have used a single shot method for the videos which is what have drown the people to notice them. Ok Go had done it again! They continue to inspire me and make me think in ways that are simple yet but far form the average thought process, most of us use. About two months ago Ok Go released a New album and a new video for its inspirational song This Too Shall Pass. It was a song that I could get out of my head, it made me happier, and at times dancing when nobody was looking. Well, thanks to my friend Dan Portnoy and The Drop, i was greeted with a remixed video of the song. For your entertainment and for a little uplift during your day.

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One Response to This Too Shall Pass

  1. Awesome-sauce!

    I hadn’t seen this version yet — but love this version of the video:

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