The Bread of Life; a metaphor

A month a go i decided that i would spend a little more time working on baking, in particular bread. Elora and I love breads, can’t go a day meal with out a slice or roll of some type. i was given the opportunity to work with Great man of Bread, Peter Reinhart. He is a baker, teacher at Johnson and Wales, and cook book writer and a James Beard and IACP award winner. Needless to say this guy is out of my league. I had a great time working with him, learning how to push breads to the limits making them their best. Some where in our conversation Peter mentioned that a presentation he had given on bread linked at the TedTalks webpage. So I was able to find it for you. I believe that as foodies this will shine light into baking, but as a Jesus follower there is a light more liken to dawn, why Jesus used examples of wheat and bread so much in talks. Take a listen and let me know what your think.

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2 Responses to The Bread of Life; a metaphor

  1. Excellent video and analogies.

    Thanks for sharing this!

    I’ve shown this video with Andrew Jones several times and had some great discussions about it as well as he talks about the yeast and the different forms of yeast that Jesus talks about:

  2. Thanks for the video.

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