Ni’d on the Mic

Last Tuesday was SaulPaul night for the Reagan High kids. i don’t know how to really describe the event. SaulPaul is a local Rapper/Preacher that comes once a month, shares the Word with the students, leads in R&B/hiphop style worship that he has written himself. He is there most importantly to Shine Jesus, and secondly to encourage the teens. Tuesday was a celebration for one of the “girls” that lives in the house. She was turning 24 and celebrating with 40 or so Reagan High students. SaulPaul decided to lay down some new beats down on loop and let Ni’D and DeVonte up for some freestyle. Needless to say Ni’D dropped a bomb on the Party. Check the video out.

I am loving hanging with these teens, they have some much energy and love for life. Elora and i have been hanging with them for over a month now as she is mentoring Ni’D, DeVonte, and Divine in storytelling for the trip to Kenya. She is taking these natural writers and helping them to hone their talents. From other post you know that we are going with the to Kenya next month and I could be more excited to be on this trip with them.
You can also watch DeVonte and his spoken word.

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