Courtney Eason -20

Meet Courtney a 20-year-old college student putting time in at our restaurant. Courtney is one who is full of life and fun during work which makes it easier for the rest of us. During our chatting between plates she informed us about her rib piece

Courtney told me here story of this piece, after a short stent at 18 of rebellion and a annulled marriage, she got this work just after her 19th birthday saying, “it represents the transience of life.” This lovely Cherry tree and blossoms has always be a symbol of the every changing nature of life that comes and goes with the season, good and bad, it is there and we always have to look at the beauty of it. It is in these troubled times that we need to remember what we have been through. like the leaves and blooms of the tree dying and falling away it is for us to remember that time moves forward and a new season is coming.

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