Xavier Marciel – 18

Meet Xavier Marciel, he is one of our servers at the restaurant.  A few weeks ago his mother who also works with us, asked me about my tattoo on my wrist, we spent a few minutes talking about the meaning behind it when she brought up Xavier.  She went on to tell me that he called to see about getting a tattoo on his wrist before he went off to college in Lubbock, Tx.

Somniare Cras – Dream Tomorrow

Vive Hodie – Live Today

At this point in my life I must agree with Xavier in his choice, for me heading to 30, I Failed to “Live Today” in my earlier years and at times didn’t dream tomorrow.  As Xavier starts a new phase of life in college he reminded me to life in the moment but not to for get to dream of tomorrow.

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2 Responses to Xavier Marciel – 18

  1. Myra Marciel says:

    After a discussion about Xavier wanting a tattoo I took him to Needleworks Tattoo in Georgetown TX. This was a new journey for Xavier starting his first yr. in college. I admire what he choose and that means alot to him! Tattoo’s are a wonderful way to show your own identity and personality. This is just the beginning………Tat’s are addicting once you get your first one. Keep living today and dreaming for tomorrow Xavier!!!!!

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