Chef Robert Towery

Chef Robert Towery comes to us from the Carolinas, just a southern boy that I have no problems relating to. Rob’s pedigree comes from CIA in Hyde Park, NY. Working his way through the trenches of fine dinning, some how ending up at what use to be Texas Safari as a hunting guide and chef, before coming to Georgetown and our little restaurant. We spend hours together talking food, life, music, and too much time laughing.

Chef Rob has several tattoos marking things in his life but one of his favorites he got for free as a friend was working on a large chinese dragon piece. Caring on a conversation with the artist in between checking on his friend, he was given the chinese symbol for death. Many people including his wife find this morbid, and maybe that just reviles their own personal fears in their life. A few months ago when I asked Rob about his piece, a flash went through his eye, “this again,” but when I was told I understood where he was coming from. People see death and run from the idea. I, coming from a christian point of view, don’t understand the fears that these people have. Yet these are the same people who walk around with crosses on their necks. If we look back at history, the cross was on of the greatest death instrument in the known world, but it has been polished and glamorize, in essence, dumbed down for the masses.

For Rob and I, death as horrible as it is, represents a change in life, a next step. For everything that dies it gives way to new life. For us christians NEW LIFE has a different meaning.

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