Philip Ellis

The first time I can remember meet Philip was int the gym at Austin High where I was looking for the Green Room. I had been asked to provide food for all the Ministerial Staff and Worship team (which seems to be growing by leaps and bounds every time I cook). He offered to show me the way. Philip plays drums in the Aaron Ivey Band. He is a studio drum, Author and custom drum Builder. Check out P. Ellis Drums for more information. He is continually working on his craft.

I meet with Philip today to do some planing for an up and coming dinner event when he invited me to lunch with some friends when I noticed his tattoo for the first time. on the inside of his bicep is a 8th note with the head being what look to me like a snare, underneath it is written:

Psalm 95
1 Come, let’s shout praises to God, raise the roof for the Rock who saved us! 2 Let’s march into his presence singing praises,
lifting the rafters with our hymns!

He told me his story over some tacos while in college he and a friend decide on day to go get tattoos. That seemed like an all to familiar story for a lot of people. Philip showed up with a sketch and his verse ready to go, turning it over to the artist to complete it. I think it is a design that embodies Philip and his goals in life. He could have gone like Katy Perry many wayward christians after the big lights, but he has stuck to his calling to worship. Traveling the country playing, playing for his home church and following his craft can keep a man busy but he always has his tattoo remind him of his calling, “to shout praises to God

His only regret with is tattoo was not doing enough research on the artist be getting it done. I am pushing Philip to see one of our local artist to do some touch ups and embellishments. Check Philip Ellis out on twitter @pellisdrums to find out a little more about his story, I sure he would love to do some work for you.

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