Adam Marriage

Yesterday I sat with Adam at the Flying Saucer catching up and chatting over a drink, when I asked him about a strange and particular tattoo of his.

Adam has something different from any I have ever seen. The inspiration came from a book by Erwin McManus call The Barbarian Way. He has three rhinni rhinos on his left arm. He explained that it was his “crash” of rhinos, fish have schools, birds have flocks, and rhinos have a crash. It seems that rhinos have very poor eyesight, only seeing 30 feet in front of them, but they can run at speeds of 30 mph. This could be a dangerous combination, they have been known to “charge blindly” not being able to see where they run. Their only protection is their horns that leads in front, protecting them from what ever they might crash into.

Adam explained that he tries to be like the rhinos running forward, even though he doesn’t know what the future holds he needs to keep running, not slowing just because he cannot see what is coming.  It is a warning to not  be cautious in your life and faith. As long as your following God’s urging the Spirit will lead like the horn of the rhino.

As I talked with Adam I realized that we are at the same junction in life, the place where we are finally doing what feels right and good in life.  It doesn’t mean that there wont be bad days in store but it is a call to charge into the fray and not second guess yourself.  For Adam with things get off-center he can always look down on his arm and remember to live life with the boldness of Christ, moving forward in faith. My dad always told me, sometimes we are unsure of decisions in life, but “if you see an open door charge at it full speed, if it slams shut you have your answer,” if it remains open you have your momentum built up already in the right direction.

As we move forward with our series on Tattoo Stories you will see a trend in pieces that remind people of their faith, and what they are supposed to do with it. Most images will be very familiar to our everyday life,the crash of rhinos is a different image than we are used to, but a relevant one, non the less.

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