Kendra – 18

Meet Kendra. Kendra is a quite unassuming spirit that is fresh out Rogers High School. I official meet Kendra through my friend Josh which she is dating. Over the last few months she has started to open more around Elora and me, when we have hung out with Josh and Robert. (you will hear more about Robert in the future)

On one trip down with the guys to Austin They had made plans to visit Electric13, a tattoo shop that I recommended for some work to be done. Kendra was connected with David Parker, an artist there in the shop for her artwork. She had chosen a beautiful cross to go on her back. Watching her talk with Park I saw how he was able to take the design she had in her mind and fill it out to what you see.

Kendra is a strong women, with no previous tattoo experience, and the support of Josh, she took the pain like a champ. As you can tell the Cross is not a small piece of work and with the placement on her back there is a lot of bone to grind over. I don’t remember Kendra making many sounds during the process but I remember the relief in her eyes when it was over and the look of happiness when she was able to view what it had earned her.

“I got a cross because it’s permanent, just like God is in my life and when times get hard I’ll see the cross on my back and it will remind me who I am and what God has done for me in my life [when I] hand things over to Him. And who knows, someone that’s a non-Christian could see it and change their life.” – Kendra

Some tattoos are just simple faith reminders in in our lives, and some are meant to be conversation starts, I think Kendra has both wrapped up in this piece.

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