Amanda Wright

The first time I walked into the Culinary kitchen at Central Market I was greeted by a warm hospitality that can only be rooted deep in the south. I spent hours most days over the next several months working with Amanda Wright, patisserie chef extraordinaire, extreme decorator, and mother of Jack. As the time working together pasted, I noticed that with all the sweets that she makes she was never one to eat much of them, it seemed the act of creating them was enough for her. I on the other hand had no problems chowing down on cakes, pies and candies. I don’t know when I first noticed the tattoo on her upper back mostly hidden behind long hair or a chefs coat, I could pick out just the top of a purple feather light and delicate. This is a story about remembrance, meet Amanda.

My tattoo is a memorial to my father and my childhood in Georgia. 3 years ago my father was murdered in a domestic violence incident with his partner. [While I was] growing up he was obsessed with his birds; chickens, guineas, peacocks, ostriches or any other egg he could run across. Sam the peacock always stood out in my mind because of his beautiful plumage. I found one of his feathers. I actually still have bouquets of them in my house, and took it down to South Side Tattoo. Eric Anderson [the artist] copied the exact feather and custom mixed several new colors, avoiding black throughout [the tattoo.] He used a technique using blood lines, (which you fill the gun with water and tattoo with that first) to get a more organic form for the feather. Then fill it with color, but if you ever look at a peacock feather it is always changing colors, always moving so it was incredibly difficult to catch the right view.

I did not want any black in my tattoo, there is no black in a peacock feather. This was not a mourning tattoo, but a celebration tattoo of my father and my childhood. Life is ever-changing but [like a tattoo] sometimes you can freeze little moments.

I am beginning to see a growing trend with our tattoos, in the way that they mark our bodies permanently, they allow us to remember moments in life, just glimpses of what we had. But, some times a glimpse is all that we need to spark the memories of our life. Maybe you should take some time to remember your loved ones here and gone.

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