Meet Marisa Nicole Allen – 17

Elora, DeVonte, and I were able to hang out with Marisa yesterday for a few hours, but the best part was we got to meet Analysia for the first time. Analysia is Marisa’s 2 month old baby girl. a beautiful happy little girl. Our lives have been intertwined for the last three years. I first meet Marisa in our youth group when she was in 7th grade, a very quite reserved girl, with good reason who had an ear for screamo.

Marisa has a banner tattooed on her collar-bone that reads Memento Mori which is a latin phrase that literally means, “remember to die.” It is a reminder of our own mortality, and meant to bring us back to earth when we false aspiration of immortality.

Marisa remembers the day her grandmother died, her family was camping and away. It was those missed last moments that have stuck with her over the years. It was those missed moments that have reminded her that we don’t live forever, that we owe it to world to die in the end. it is the natural order of things, the debut that we must pay. But, instead of lingering on death it is her reminder to Live and Love while she is her on earth.

Now with Analysia in her arms, she has a new focus in life. A new place to direct her life and love, and a reminder that it is not meant to last for ever.

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