AWOLNATION came into my life about 2 months ago through our local independent radio station. The music is simple and haunting and holds my attention…I don’t know if it the simple piano chords that holds the song together or if it’s the drum beats and baselines. For what ever reason it is a new song that I keep going back to. Tell me how you feel about it or you can feel me in on some new music that has rooted its way in your head.

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2 Responses to AWOLNATION “Sail”

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  2. cjustinrich says:

    I like it. And you’re right – simple, haunting, and attention grabbing. I think it is the piano that holds it together. Very modest, but alluring none the less. A song like that (simple and non-intrusive) I have been coming back to so often is the Black Keys “Howlin’ For You.” I watched them play that on SNL a few weeks back, and no lie, the drummer hit the cymbals twice. Twice.

    Simplicity is the spice of life, I’m convinced. (Of course, I say that, and then I think about Animals As Leaders. There is nothing simple about Tosin Abasi. That guy might be an alien.)

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